Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our service for your dogs holiday


Who is you Carer?

Your dog's carer is a passionate, genuine dog lover and enjoys the companionship of dogs.   Enjoys to take her charges – “your dog” on walks and play, while the dogs are staying at Hip Hound Holidays. 

What will I have to take with me when I drop my dog/s off?

You will need to bring all your dogs food, treats, bedding, toys, water & food bowl and medication (if any) etc and anything that you think will make your dog more at home, ensuring your dog has some reminders of home.  Having their normal food, own bedding and some of their favourite toys will help your dog enjoy their holiday and ensure there are no upset tummies.

Does my dog/s have to be vaccinated?

Yes your dog must have up to date vaccinations, wormed and been treated for fleas and ticks. Proof of vaccinations will be required and you will be asked to bring a copy when you take your dog on its first stay.

What about exercising my dog/s?

Your dog will be given plenty of exercise in either forms of playtime with others, ball throws and/or being walked on their lead and/or trips to the beach or local park.

What if my dog is ill while I’m away?

We would endeavor to contact you or your next of kin as written on the booking form you filled, together with your vets details. In the unlikely event your dog becomes ill,  the carer would take your dog to a local vet, the carers vet or use the services of a after hours vet.

What happens next?

Please fill in the booking form, giving as much details as possible about your dog and submit it.

We will call or email you back to discuss details of your dog and organise a meet & greet.